All the Bug Robots:


Always alert, and wants to be everywhere.


Clean, efficient, and always on time.


Has an appetite for whatever comes their way.

Spider Crab

Determined and quick, Spider Crab will get what it wants in a pinch.


Has a welcoming attitude, but did you know they're also a ghost?

Angry Hairy

Never settles for less. In fact, nothing satisfies them.

Spider Mouse

Wide field of view, and hearing unmatched, Spider Mouse is prepared for the hunt.

Nervous Worm

Wants to say hi, but is afraid of what comes next.

Bubble Sub

When not underwater, they spend most of their time blowing bubbles.

Grill Bot

Vegetable skewers and corn in husks? Grill Bot has your back.


As the most outstanding athlete out of the bunch, Robosphere loves playing basketball.


Always ready to fight, but will lend you a claw if you need help.

Happy Virus

Going about doing its thing, but is unaware of the damage done.

Bug Robot is the work of BRAIN CHILD Erik Jackson aka, exactspace that started in 2014 with t-shirt designs. He now wants to pursue establishing a brand that will work itself into any form that comes his way. Besides eating cereal, he also likes to spend time with his intergalactic pet seal from the planet Xargon-9.